A True Artist Collection Community
Ushering in a Web3 Digital Art Revolution

Imagine a world in which top notch art by high level artists is available to be seen by each and every one of us, no matter geographic location…

Now with the advent of NFT’s and the era of Web3, not only is this possible, but by bridging the gap between the traditional fine art community and opening the sandbox to all creators and collectors alike, The MetaArt Club is ushering a new era of interactive artistry for all.

With roots in the traditional art sector of Hong Kong, The MetaArt Club (TMAC) has the advantage of being at the crossroads of one of the world's premiere art and technology hubs to bring about a Web3 revolution of epic proportions utilizing the power of NFTs, metaverse art galleries, community governance, and more.

A guiding mission set on initiating both well-established and emerging artists into the digital art space by leveraging the power of unique verifiable ownership baked into the power of blockchain based NFTs, TMAC is focused on broadening the ability for real world collectors to curate and collect art like never before.

Due to the innate power of Web3, a long-term career in fine art has never been more easily accessible to talented artists across the world. The MetaArt Club was founded on the principle of promoting emerging artists in the NFT art market. We are helping to rewrite the paradigm on how emerging artists connect with the world at large. Through NFT technology and metaverse galleries, TMAC's artists now have access to an audience of almost infinite proportions prompting more opportunities for discovery and acknowledgement by top-tier collectors than ever before.

Bridging the gap between the traditional art world and the future of what is possible through a metamorphosis of integrative, advanced technological and marketing solutions is the core principal of why The MetaArt Club came into existence. With the founding goal of implementation and thus far successfully connecting artists, collectors, and marketplaces globally, TMAC is on the verge of breaking down barriers to foster a new paradigm in the world of art and what is possible for everyone involved.

With a predominant focus of value-creation for stakeholders, TMAC digital artists are connected with significant NFT collectors, enabling countless opportunities to have their talents discovered and supported.

Verifiable, transparent, and with the ability to connect across borders at the click of a button through the power of NFTs and the metaverse, The MetaArt Club has the ability to excel in bringing intrinsic worth to an industry moving forward in real time towards a trifecta of benefiting artisans, collectors, and investors alike in the greatest possible way.