Daniel Maltzman

A Beverly Hills-native, Daniel Maltzman’s instantly recognizable art juxtaposes hyperrealism and abstraction, vividly elevating his subjects with unbound creative expression. Working organically in the digital realm as part of his rigorous artistic practice, Maltzman’s physical paintings incorporate innovative use of color, line and subject to create a tableaux of styles that powerfully co-exist as his signature. From portraiture to abstraction to pop-art renditions, as an early adopter of crypto, DeFi coins began appearing as an occasional subject in his work as early as 2017. Highly regarded and collected by both celebrities and art lovers alike, Maltzman brings blue chip art credentials to his trio of commissioned works for TMAC. Referencing artists such as Giacommetti and John Baldessari within his work, Maltzman outlines the importance of diversity to inform his creative practice. “One of the reasons why I do have a lot of styles, is I think people get too caught up with one thing and it’s gets boring to me. But on the other hand, everyone has different tastes – one person may like one thing, but they may not like something else, so why not have a number of things to give them choices? I put my artwork as my number one priority in my life. It keeps me following the dream and it keeps me grounded and keeps me focused.”