Frank Smits

Frank Smits is a digital art visionary and entrepreneur and who cut his teeth in the fashion industry for more than three decades before moving into the art world. Manufacturing for the world’s leading luxury fashion brands and retailers out of his former home base of Jakarta, Indonesia, Smits spent 26 years as co-founder and CEO of a fashion design and production company, providing product development, sourcing and production for the global garment trade. Moving to Hong Kong in 2016, Smits comes from a family of painters and sculptors. A pioneering collector of digital art, Smits saw an opportunity with the advent of the social app ClubHouse in 2021 to cultivate a presence as a collector, becoming a trusted advisor to NFT artists and a patron for this digital art renaissance. Smits recently co-founded The MetaArt Club (TMAC) to create a unique platform for artists and collectors to bridge the gap between collectibles and fine art NFTs.