Levered Li a.k.a Man On

A crypto native since 2017, Levered Li runs a prominent Chinese family office in Hong Kong spanning multi-generational wealth management. Drawn to the possibilities of decentralised finance (DeFi) as a global equalizer to create borderless financial freedom and frictionless utility, his interest in the philosophy of DeFi propelled his journey into NFTs. Beginning his NFT collecting with meme artist Lushsux and the Degenerate Ape Academy, Levered Li’s interest in the disruption of the art world status quo in the short term and, what he terms its “net positive effects” due to increased transparency in the long term, have drawn further him to the space. In building The MetaArt Club (TMAC), he sees a unique opportunity to forge a bridge between the traditional art market and the digital art world. Marrying quality digital artists, whose work will be offered at equitable prices to collectors to foster engagement, with the opportunity “to become part of something bigger” in co-existence with TMAC’s exclusive membership programme.