Niccolo Casas

Multi-disciplinary Italian conceptual artist Niccolo Casas draws from his unique, cross-sectorial skills, including his architectural practice and distinguished career in academia, in addition to experimental, research and technology-led work for collaborative projects with some of the world’s leading brands. Merging science with 3D printing technology for haute couture design houses, Casas’ expertise spans data visualisation, medicine and pioneering environmental research. His artistic practice is informed by a plethora of science-based fields, including the enchanting patterns generated by fractal geometry. Says Casas: “My work is digital, even when it gets to the point of becoming physical. I work through digital fabrication – it could be 3D printing or computer driven techniques.” With every new technology and every new discovery challenging human culture, human connection and human expression, Casas regards art is the highest and most interesting form of human communication. “I believe NFT technology is so young, and the moment the art industry will become more virtual, more digital – NFTs as they are now on Ethereum 2.0, is going change the way they are calculated and processed – and are going to influence a change in the art industry.”