Origins & Collections

(December 20, 2021) The MetaArt Club Launch: 35 artists were there when history was made to comprise of the first ever TMAC brand launch.

(February 9, 2022) Brytehall and TMAC team up to release work from 5 top level global artists in this collaborative NFT drop.

(March 24-27, 2022) Inaugural Decentraland Metaverse Fashion Week Brytehall and TMAC NFT drop.

(May 5, 2022) Vogue Singapore x TMAC NFT Drop on OpenSea. The ‘Every Body’ collection features 10 digital artworks explores the relationship between avatars and bodies in the metaverse.

(May 5, 2022) 6 TMAC artists featured in the unveiling of Swire Properties 50th Anniversary Art NFT Collection Project at Art Basel Hong Kong on an 8.5M LED screen.

(To be announced) The MetaArt Club joins the Newmoon Accelerator, a blockchain focused group of cutting edge thinking startups looking to infuse the new into tradition that already works

( To be announced) The MetaArt Club creates our first permanent gallery inside The Uplift World, an NFT based metaverse utilizing residing on top of Minecraft to showcase all kinds of NiFTy things.