Sarah Pringle

Sarah Pringle has over 25 years of professional art experience as the co-founder of Art-Partners, an independent art consultancy that conceptualises, develops, and realises place-making art projects. An art industry veteran, she brings expert international knowledge, combined with a unique appreciation for the business of art, rooted in her sophisticated working knowledge of the industry’s multi-faceted operations. Majoring in Fine Art and Design in the UK and the US, Pringle has built a career as a gallerist and art consultant in both the private and public sectors in the UK, the Middle East, India, and Greater China. Creating public art projects with funding from companies and organisations as part of their corporate social responsibility efforts, she has become a trusted art consultant to notable individuals and corporations. She brings this rigorous knowledge to the NFT art space, providing vital solutions to
bridging the gap between fine art and digital art as a co-founder of The Meta-Verse Art Club (TMAC).