Shou Shengnan

The Chinese multi-disciplinary artist Shou Shengnan’s forays into digital artist began during advanced studies at Beijing’s Central Academy
of Arts. Shengnan looks to create meaning with his NFT art, re-appropriating Chinese elements into his work, most recently the unique
pixelated digital sculpture collection, The Magical Beasts of the Forbidden City. “I hope that more consideration will be given to integrating
Chinese elements into NFT culture in my works so as to speak, in a peaceful and novel way,” he opines. As an artist, Shengnan seeks to
inform his exploration of the Metaverse with virtual reality, cyberpunk, digital art, trend art, science fiction, and unite it with the classical
symbolism apparent in Chinese and foreign historical art culture. “If it is about the future, it is one of my creative directions, but I have to
consider the appropriateness of the creative language, content format and platform,” Shengnan adds.