Upcoming Events

July 28, 2022: 500 TMAC NFTs selling on Klaytn Blockchain on Klip Drops Marketplace to NFT enthusiasts in the Korean community.

August 2022: 2 TMAC artists will be participating in the SUBXTURE NFT Exhibition.

August 2022 : Collaborative DressX and TMAC NFT Drop featuring 12 TMAC artists.

The Future of TMAC

The focus has always been art and ushering in a new way of creation, interaction, and appreciation in this new Web3 infused era fast integrating itself within all aspects of our lives. Our origins and connections to some of the top galleries, curators, and corporations of artistic merit globally will continue to showcase the value of true artistry as we forge a new path together through The MetaArt Club brand.

Our recent partnership with the Klaytn Foundation, expansion plans to the Newcoin blockchain utilizing some of the safest, fastest, cheapest technology on the market, transition towards a full fledged DAO giving voting rights and curation advantages to members, and the launch of a new interactive TMAC token model are all bright spots on the horizon as we progress on this collective journey towards our goal of becoming the Digital Art Club model to replication for all future generations.